* Geotechnical Drilling
* Insitu Instrumentation
* Horizontal Drain Holes
* Oriented Coring
* Augering, Packer Testing
* Slope Inclinometers
* Monitoring Wells
* Recovery Wells

* Surface or Underground
* Truck, Track, Skid Mounted Drills
* Helicopter Support Drills
* 3000 ft. Depth Capabilities
* Vertical, Angle, and Horizontal Capability

* Water Wells
* Large Diameter Monitoring Wells
* Vertical or Angle Holes
* Hole Depths to 1000 ft.
* Rotation of 23" Diameter Casing
* Cyclone Splitters
* Reverse Circulation

Ruen was established in 1974 providing core drilling services to the mining industry. While still active in mining, the company enjoys the reputation as a leader in geotechnical core drilling, providing defensible design data for tunnels, bridges, dams, highways and other civil projects.

Specialty work includes horizontal and directional core drilling, reverse circulation rotary, and horizontal drainhole installations. The company has helicopter support, underground, and difficult access drill rigs.

Ruen's experience in the US, South America, and Asia includes the following industries:

  • environmental
  • industrial minerals
  • metals mining
  • geotechnical engineering
  • groundwater

Ruen Drilling continues to adapt to new techniques in drilling and sampling procedures. Over the last several years, Ruen Drilling has invested heavily in specialty drill rigs and related tooling. These additions enable Ruen Drilling to be well equipped for the unique projects that it prides itself in handling for the mining and geotechnical industries. We are one of the few drilling contractors with the experience and capability in drilling directionally controlled horizontal drill holes.

We would be happy to discuss our Company's services with you and would welcome the opportunity to submit a quote on any of your future drilling projects.

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